Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Winging It Chocolate Pudding

Nicole is sick. In her honor I made dessert.

Winging It Chocolate Pudding

The only recipe I could find in my books called for corn starch as the thickener. I happened to have thrown out my unused huge thing of corn starch two days ago because at school on Saturday we talked about how un healthful it is (highly processed, probably irradiated or genetically modified) and how kuzu is a good natural replacement. So with that, I tried to make this! Notice there's lots of sugar in the recipe and in the cacao so.... whatchagonnado??

2 1/2 cups non homogenized whole milk
one cup organic sugar
one cup cacao blanxart (nicole you gave me this right?)
3 tablespoons kuzu crushed

In saucepan, combine and heat two cups of the milk with one cup sugar and heat on medium low until steam starts to form.
in separate bowl, combine kuzu with remaining milk and cacao blanxart until slightly thick
once saucepan begins to steam add thickened mixture
reduce heat and whisk for about 5 more minutes until thick
pour into a bowl, cover with plastic to avoid film forming and chill
eat it when you wanna!

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