Saturday, March 31, 2007


In the end, I went for a tried-n-true old timey recipe: Lemon Bars.
My friend Ingrid turned me on to these almost 15 years ago, and this is the best recipe I've found since. It's a light, perfect spring/summer dessert classic, and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Friday, March 30, 2007

march madness mea culpa

i am running very, very, very late with my March recipe card, but it will soon be on its way! there's been an existential recipe war going on in my head, between tried-n-true recipes or new, experimental ones. also, i am lazy.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I made it!! I really need to stress something here. I know there are many flashy blogs showcasing glorious creations, artistic acheivments in butter, eggs and sugar. I am adicted to and troll them regularly.I get so wrapped up in them I forget you can have simple glories in the kitchen with as much impact as a fancy schmancy architectural masterpiece. (Anyone see the Departed? Remember the pastry in the date scene?) This is so simple and so delicious I felt like a pioneer woman. I made this in minutes. A picture was taken only of the top, as it was devoured so quickly and with such fervor the need to photograph it sliced seemed frivolus when compared to the need to consume it. People raved. You may not even be able to tell what it is. "We need to get a pic of it sliced " I recall saying and then sat down to enjoy my second piece and promptly forgot. The reason this cake is so delish? The crumbly top! The tender yellow cake! You know those Drake's coffecakes? This is where they go when they die. This is the real deal, the reason those folks at Drake's tried to recreate it in a "to go" form. The next day the topping was even more sublime, crunchier and I got nostalgic devouring it as Marty and I squared off on who would take some to work. In order to spread the word on this baby I sent it with him. People must know it can be theirs as well. I promised to myself I would I either physically memorize the measurements or pull a Martha and keep it pre sifted and at the ready in zip bags. Maybe add some seasonal flourishes (bluberries?) maybe not. Maybe just KeepItSimpleStupid I URGE you guys to scroll down and make this cake. It will take a half hour and you will be rewarded, trust me.