Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cake-POPS! rock!

Hey! I haven't been in much of a baking/dessert mood after the holiday push. But I did mean to make these for V-Day and since I was too sick then, I made them for Kelly and Richard's visit this weekend.
I found this recipe a while back drooling over pics on
TasteSpotting and have wanted to make them ever since. Here is the link to the recipe on Bakerella's blog.
It's pretty easy if you use a box mix for the red velvet cake. Bake the cake, let it cool, crumble and mix with a can of cream cheese icing. Roll into balls, lay onto cookie sheet and poke lollipop sticks into them and freeze for a lil bit. Melt your colored candies or chocolate and dip! yum!

I think I'm quickly turning into the gimmicky dessert maker in this club...


Ok, For some reason I became obsessed with this devil dog cake....I'm not sure why, perhaps it is because Devil's Food Cake is like the older sultrier sister to Red Velvet Cake and once I saw that image in Gourmet, I had to recreate this burner of a dessert at home. If i had noticed this earlier in the month, this would have been a doozy for V Day! This cake is impossibly moist and rich (much unlike it's namesake, which if you have ever tried one, is very dry and light, sometimes too dry,cough cough). It's gorgeous seven minute halo dusted in bitter cocoa makes it a perfect occasion cake, for say an intimate's lovely. AND EASY. Observe...

Friday, February 22, 2008


Bless the person who made my absolute favorite guilty pleasure into a cake!! Here is the recipe for my beloved devil dog in cake form, that was featured in Gourmet this month!!!!
Who wants to race me in making it????

Saturday, February 09, 2008


So, as I am still unemployed, mostly, I try to compensate by using my free time to try out recipes. Here is the latest. And greatest. The recipe is from
epicurious but I tweaked it. The recipe says bake for 45 min at 350, this cake you see here was done after about 20 minutes. Also the instructions seem over complicated, I basically just followed the wet/dry method for most cakes and it came out just fine. Better than fine. It's one of those "this cake is so good it needs no accompaniment" cakes. Maybe if I wanted it for a fancy occasion, I'd try a pistachio glaze or maybe some whipped cream with pistachio garnish. The olive oil is barely recognizable except for the incredibly
velvety texture it leaves. I would definitely try a fruity one next time just to see how it differs.