Saturday, September 30, 2006

i need a sweet tooth

Did you guys know I'm super savory. I am glad I have a long time to plan my desert b/c I am not a sweet toother!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Baking Binge!!!

When fall arrives, I immediately go into a baking binge! Does this happen to anyone else? I am in between jobs and basically spend most of my time and what little cash I have on baking ingredients. This morning I baked a loaf of banana bread ( I use the recipe from the New Best Recipe Cookbook) and some mini-plum tortes. I made a 9 inch plum torte two days ago, and today I wanted to use the rest of the plums I gathered, but I didn't have enough to make a full torte. So I halved the recipe and put the mix into muffin tins and placed 1/2 plum on top of each yummy mini. (I love Italian plums and was lucky enough to pick a sackful from someone's tree....wooohooo!)

The Cult of Nigella

Am I the only one who is strangely fascinated by Nigella Lawson?

Whenever her cooking shows are on I just stop and stare and get all slackjawed. I'm talking HYPNOTIZED. Everything is just very lovely and ripe and sensual and all those other words that make me kind of uncomfortable to say out loud. Plus, she's just ridiculously gorgeous, and there are all these gratuitous close-up shots of her tasting her food.

Is this what some call food porn?

I also love her kitchen products. They're all these retro, fun, egg-like shapes and are in pretty neutral shades of cream and pale blue. Check them out HERE.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Welcome to the first post of DOTMC. Here we will talk about baking and sweetness and put pics up from our kitchens of stuff we made and it's gonna rule.