Monday, April 21, 2008

salad for dessert!

Greek Winter Orange Salad
•a couple oranges, peeled and pith/seeds removed, cut into chunks
•a spoonful of olives (in olive oil preferred)
•drizzle of olive oil
•pinch of dried oregano
•sea salt
•freshly ground pepper
•crumbled feta (optional)
•thinly sliced fennel (optional)

This is considered a winter salad because oranges are harvested in the winter in Greece and greens are not available at that time. The salt and oil brings out the sweetness of the oranges, it's delicious. I lived off this salad this past winter, every night! (that and a chunk of crusty bread!)
In the summer, a favorite Greek salad includes: boiled potato, red onion, tomato, cucumber, olives, feta, oregano and salt and pepper....mmmmmmm.

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