Tuesday, April 22, 2008


If you search this blog, I am sure you will find laments from me regarding my horrible previous luck with pie crust. I never tried Susan's vodka technique because I never keep vodka in the house. However I am here to tell you about a pie crust miracle. Of course it involves butter, as most of the best miracles do, but with a twist. An icy twist. I do not remember who told me this secret, but if I do, I will surely credit them. Are you ready, TA-DA! FREEZE THE BUTTER. I have tried again and again and it HAS NEVER FAILED. That is a secret weapon friends, never fail pie crust. Think about what you can do with that! I freeze it, then add it to my lil Cuisinart careful not to overmix like the mantra goes and it yields the most flaky puff pastry reminiscent crust and it tastes like a buttery kiss, OBSERVE.

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