Friday, October 06, 2006

Are You Hungry Tonight?

To further the gross dessert recipe photos, I scanned some pages from "Are You Hungry Tonight? Elvis' Favorite Recipes" (given to me as a gift). I included a non-dessert one so you could get a sample of the grossness of the food photos paired with random, silhouetted photos of Elvis eating and making odd gestures. The last recipe in the book is for "The Royal Wedding Cake" The recipe has not been modified in anyway. It permits you to recreate the entire original six-tiered, pale-pink marvel serving 500 guests! I mean my mom decorated cakes from our home growing up in Utah and I helped her deliver and assemble many giant, Mormon gaudy cakes to giant, Mormon families but I can only imagine, it takes 20 pounds of cake flour!

To add to the hilarity of how gross the food photos are the book is © 1992, they don't even have the excuse of being vintage. The editor may live in TN but she could have hired a decent food photographer, it's Elvis you're representing!


  1. Well, this is the best thing I've ever seen. If Elvis liked classy food, he wouldn't be Elvis. God bless America, etc!

  2. Is the recipe for the Velvet Elvis in there? You know...the grilled sandwich with peanut butter and bananas? And powdered sugar? I'm sure he didn't actually call it the Velvet Elvis...but it was apparently, his fave snack, no? They're pretty good.