Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cinnamon endorsement.

Since we're barrelling full steam into apple pie / spiced things season, I thought I'd mention that my favorite cinnamon is the extra fancy vietnamese cassia from Penzey's (link is here).

I hear you thinking "but Richard, aren't all cinnamons alike?" To which I answer "Dude, you have no idea - this stuff is killer." Because it's so strong, they actually recommend you cut back versus what you'd usually use - but I say heck with that. Cinnamon blowout!

There's a small Penzey's outlet in Grand Central Terminal, for those in the NYC area.

From a hotel room in Moscow,

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  1. I am a huge cinnamon lover. I eat cassia sticks whole and lately I've been drinking cinnamon tea (just the chips or sticks in hot water.) I've been looking around Seattle for the vietnamese cassia, and it looks like I may have to special order it! From your description, it sounds totally worth it!