Thursday, October 05, 2006

my cake decorating on flickr

Some of you have seen these before but I wanted to share my cake decorating set on my flickr, I love baking but I really love cake decorating and making pretty flowers with icing, or you know, Lenny Briscoe in a panda suit...

my cake decorating

AND...I've just been asked to make another baby shower cake, any ideas for decorating would be welcome as I haven't decided what to do yet, it's a co-ed shower. I thought of just decorating a really shitty diaper or a crying baby but maybe I should stick to baby animals, storks and choo-choo trains.


  1. A shitty diaper would TOTALLY RULE!!!!!Ameilia im so stoked you linked to your flickr account...your stuff is amazing..

  2. I knew all about Amelia's cakes before I ever even met her...and now we're in this group! Fate! Magic! Stoked!

  3. WHAT? I want to learn!! Cake decorating is something I could never master and I get really sick of the taste of icing so I quit before I get anywhere. TEACH ME ASAP NO EXCUSES.

  4. I must say I have no artistic skills and totally respect anyone who can decorate cakes!