Saturday, August 21, 2010

Granita, granita, granita.

Hi everyone! Hope your summertime has been swell. I'm not much of a "summer person," admittedly. It's just... too hot. I don't like being hot. Or sweating. Or humidity. Yeah, I pretty much hate summer and I'm super stoked it is nearly over.

But I'm not a total hater! There is one thing I like about summer: THE FOOD! I weirdly love foods that are associated with heat and boardwalks and outdoor eating (preferably in the shade with a fan or close proximity to an air conditioner). I love food that is grilled outdoors, the smell of burning charcoal or wood, summer berries and stone fruits, watermelons, chilled drinks, and cool/refreshing desserts.

We have a janky window AC unit, so using the oven has been totally off limits for the last couple of months. I didn't have to look far to figure out what this year's DOTMC recipe would be, thankfully. I had some beautiful, super-ripe nectarines from the farmer's market. They were so sweet- but had that tart edge.. the kind of fruit you bite into and just start telling everyone around you about how you have the perfect piece of fruit.
Our dessert drink of choice lately has been Moscato D'Asti... lightly sparkling, (not too) sweet, crisp, fragrant, almost peachy white wine. I thought it would be nice to mix with the nectarines is a frozen way. Thankfully, the two were a perfect pair, and the granita came out beautifully, totally refreshing, and so very easy too.

Below is my recipe card for July's DOTMC... apologies for the tardiness! They'll be in the mail this week.Take care and happy, happy late summer.

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  1. Hooray Kat! I too, went with fruity cold desert for my August DOTM, soon to be posted! It was 101 down here today for crying out loud! EEK! Love the recipe!