Saturday, April 11, 2009


Last year I made Peeps out of meringue. They did not work out as I had planned because I am get impatient in the kitchen sometimes. This year I followed a recipe from MSL. It only called for gelatin and sugar! I busted out my kosher and veegs gelatin and got to work. After like 15 minutes in the mixer, nothing was happening. Bummsville! I hastily added some egg white (as the gelatin had not congealed at all and was still a viscous liquid, it was safe to do so) and ta da! Marshmallow started to happen. I think what happened is I treated the kosher gelatin like regular gelatin. I did not boil it for instance. My question is, had I boiled it and added just the sugar, where is the volume (imagine fluffy clouds of marshmallow) supposed to come from? I am asking you Martha! Without the egg whites, I don't see how that is gonna go down. But I am not Alton Brown so maybe there is a good reason. If you know please tel me. So anyway, my peeps though not a complete failure are VERY delicate. they still look cute tho!


  1. A poem, for NLK, on this rainy Easter eve:

    The delicate peep
    Sent into my mouth
    So sweet
    Like a sugar cloud of whimsy
    My diet plan, so flimsy
    But such the worthwhile treat.

  2. That is the best poem ever! Thanks Mama I loves you! Thanks for trying all my sweet stuff all the time.

  3. I'm assuming you used agar agar.
    It behaves VERY differently in recipes than regular (from animal) gelatin. Besides being WAY more expensive it is not as "powerful" as reglar gelatin. I have some info on it somewhere. If I find it, I'll come back and leave info.