Monday, January 26, 2009


My good pal Dave found these on an old book site and sent them to me. Aren't they so dreamy.

Praktische Konditorei Kunst, dated 1923


  1. Oooh, LVOE the last pic of the petits fours! I've been thinking about putting a petit four or two in a painting, and I might now be convinced to do just that. Really lovely image.

  2. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Those are awesome! They should be the new banner for this blog! BTW, I'm a jerk who didn't make a pie this weekend. Can it be belated? Will it still count?

  3. Molly7:56 PM

    I just posted the petite fours on the jean on jean blog cause I love them so much!

  4. Thinking: a petit four would make a great DOTMC tattoo, also, don't you think ;)

  5. These are all amazing. Petit fours and parfaits never go out of style - at least visually. John Derian would make $100 per decoupage if he had access to these images. For everyone who loved the petit four pictures, I recommend a book called The Victorian Book of Cakes ( In addition to the old petit four illustrations like Nicole posted, there are photos of some elaborate Victorian wedding cakes.

  6. We have the 1921 copy of this book for sale, with all its color photos (I think there are 180!) perfectly vibrant and intact, and all its b&w pages of instructions there. Only the back cover is disconnected, but here. It's inscribed "To my dear friend Wm. Hoffman Miami, Florida Jan 25, 1927 E Fontaine
    Email us for images!