Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Year's Resolution Cake

Chiffon cakes are my new favorite thing. My fiance REQUIRES a lemon-flavored cake of my own choosing for his birthday, which was this past weekend. Usually I go all out, but this year he wants to be healthy.

I had like three seconds of internal grumbling that went something like "Oh, sure, I have to curb my cake, but you can go to Chipotle every day for lunch," before I remembered that this also benefits me, since I usually am forced to push baked goods on people just to get them out of my house so I can retain my girlish figure. Also, sure, I don't want him dying of a heart attack while he's bagging leaves.

(Seriously, he bagged leaves the entire time I was making this cake. Leaves I had walked past for months on my way to my front door with a shrug and a raised middle finger.)

My point is: chiffon cakes. I mean, it's still cake, so it's not like eating celery or anything, but it's a lot better for you than, say, the Myer Lemon Anniversary Cake I made for him two years ago. Although not quite as healthy as an angel food cake, a chiffon cake doesn't have that cotton candy sweetness that sometimes bothers me about angel food. The only downside is that you will start to just cut giant chunks of the cake and cram it into your mouth before realizing that you are defeating the "everything in moderation" purpose that you were trying to instill.

Oh well, while we're defeating the purpose, need I mention that it goes fantastically well with champagne?

(This is the Lemon Glow Chiffon Cake from the Cake Bible by Rose Levy Berenbaum)

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