Monday, January 07, 2008


Hello Dessert Makers!!! I have been living without the Internet at home so the holiday break from work has left me with almost no Internet time WHATSOEVER. Which is like a form of torture! "Internet Witholding". Yikes, I'm sorry, not funny. OK.......
So below you will see last nights pastry class results. I am calling the genoise cake, Raspberry Nipple Whip. HA. I love how hilarious and frilly it looks, classic and garish at the same time. The other is an angel food spiked with orange oil and orange zest and some ginger to give it some bite. I have to say I liked the angel more...not a huge fan of genoise. The class is an overview of pastry/bakery standards though so we end up trying our own variations on these classics to update them. Whipped cream icing is so dreamy- look at the close up, let's go frolic in there!!! Be on the lookout for my DOTM....coming soon to a mailbox near you.

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