Monday, November 20, 2006


Behold the exquisite recipe that is Molly Schnick's DOTMC offering. I got it in the mail and immediately thought "oh those two sweet little squirrels I always see across the street in the park must be getting married, because surely they are the only creatures magical enough to conjure such autumnal beauty". It was such a treat to open. Also I must confess to you all I have a tendency to shirk fall fruits. I know it's lame!! I shy away from crumbles and compotes...glance forlornly at pears...Apple pie is really as deep as I get. This recipe will motivate me to get over my FFF (Fall fruit fear).
Next up is Agatha!!! And I don't know if you all heard but we have a NEW MEMBER, Marcee! Welcome to the kooky world of DOTMC.

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