Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Cult of Nigella

Am I the only one who is strangely fascinated by Nigella Lawson?

Whenever her cooking shows are on I just stop and stare and get all slackjawed. I'm talking HYPNOTIZED. Everything is just very lovely and ripe and sensual and all those other words that make me kind of uncomfortable to say out loud. Plus, she's just ridiculously gorgeous, and there are all these gratuitous close-up shots of her tasting her food.

Is this what some call food porn?

I also love her kitchen products. They're all these retro, fun, egg-like shapes and are in pretty neutral shades of cream and pale blue. Check them out HERE.


  1. Yes! I just saw her on the Today show this morning, and she is quite captivating. There is something kind of saucy/maternal/naughty about her. I can't even remember what she made!

  2. Did you know she's married to Charles Saatchi- the huge art dealer and collector?
    And- she's gonna be on the Food Network starting this Sunday!! I've already programmed it to record. STOKED!
    xo k

  3. so i watched her new program and the production value was curiously budget and lame. it was such a bummer.
    still- she gives me total ladyboner.