Thursday, September 28, 2006

Baking Binge!!!

When fall arrives, I immediately go into a baking binge! Does this happen to anyone else? I am in between jobs and basically spend most of my time and what little cash I have on baking ingredients. This morning I baked a loaf of banana bread ( I use the recipe from the New Best Recipe Cookbook) and some mini-plum tortes. I made a 9 inch plum torte two days ago, and today I wanted to use the rest of the plums I gathered, but I didn't have enough to make a full torte. So I halved the recipe and put the mix into muffin tins and placed 1/2 plum on top of each yummy mini. (I love Italian plums and was lucky enough to pick a sackful from someone's tree....wooohooo!)


  1. YUM! Those look so good!
    Autumn totally puts me in a baking and eating mood too. Something about it getting cooler... it also gets you ready for all the good eating holidays that are about to hit- like Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. xok

  2. I was just saying I am obsessed with baking during these fall months and the holiday months coming up! I made a GREEN TEA loaf and served it with ginger whipped cream- it was sublime! I am getting a digital soon so I will be able to get some jams up there!!!

  3. OH MY! Ginger whipped cream...sounds delicious!