Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hello out there!!!! Do you like to make desserts? Or eat them? Do you want to talk about it? Are you an avid baker? A novice? A member of this blog? A non member? Talk to me. Tell me your thoughts. Bring me your tried, your poured over recipes, Your huddled doughs, yearning to be eaten.....
As a matter of fact let's talk doughs for a sec. Let's talk bread. Let's talk quick bread. Schnick and I made a glorious pumpkin bread with cranberry apple sauce (from Kat!) and dried cranberries. It was quick and delicious. The recipe was from my new favorite blog, bread and honey. It makes two loaves so Schnick took one and I brought one to Christophile and we toasted it and ate it for breakfast!The photographs are divine. The two authors are darling. Check it out. Then come back here and tell me your favorite quick bread recipe. It is the season for swapping breads! Hey! Ho! Let's Dough!


  1. Anonymous4:20 PM

    I stumbled across your baking blog and noticed your desperate plea for someone to talk dessert with!

    I'm a novice... but I love to bake! I'm in college, so I don't have much time to do so, but bake I must so bake I do!! (does that make sense?) anyhow. The last thing I made was pumpkin spice cupcakes with honey cream cheese icing. yum!

  2. That sounds great, now is pumpkin time for sure! I have been on a bread streak the past couple nights, But I plan on posting all the desserts Iam making for Thanksgiving. Thanks for checking out the blog! Keep reading and commenting!