Monday, July 07, 2008


Yeah you heard me. I said FRIED PIE. As in darling little hand held fried cherry pies.
One of my favorite blogs Homesick Texan posted a recipe for flaky, greasy, sweet and delicious fried pies- who can resist??? My results are below. I had cherries and blueberries on hand so that is what I used, plus key lime instead of lemon. Also, lard is not welcome in my kitchen. Nope. Sad but absolutely true. They were way easier than I anticipated (after making sure the apt was WELL ventilated of course). When I bit into it, all warm and crispy and oozing red, I realized what I had been missing my whole life. Marty had his with vanilla bean ice cream, and we were truly in a pie coma afterward! I am telling you, one day I will own a deep fryer- and there will be no stopping me then.

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