Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hooray for Brooks!

We're all super proud, but not at all surprised...

NY Mag: Brooks Headley Takes over the Del Posto Dessert Program
and Serious Eats (quite rightly) fawns over him too:
"New Del Posto Pastry Chef Makes the Best Brownie Ever- And It's Gluten-Free!"

Here's a pic of his now famous Torta Caprese dessert:

And like one of his last posts on here (Preparing local Strawberry Granita while listening to side 1 of Van Halen's 1984)- he recommends a specific soundtrack to bake to this time around as well:

"This is also a very easy recipe, good for busy parents, beginner pastry cooks, and lazy folks. You almost cannot mess it up. It's best made while listening to the first Ramones record."

See it all here and here- AMAZINGNESS, BROOKS, CONGRATS!

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