Thursday, January 24, 2008


Chasen's was open from 1937-1995 in Beverly Hills. During which time, it became THE spot for Hollywood elite to make merry.
If you peruse around the web it is easy to find lots of stories involving
drunken and/or outlandish behavior in the legendary spot. This recipe is both;
A pound cake is soaked in rum and then slathered with whipped cream and bananas over and over, then served with a whipped vanilla ice cream and rum sauce and/or hot fudge! Well once I got to assembling, I could not go for the sauces, it just seemed too much. So I combined some chocolate and Karo(to keep it's shape) and called it done. It was a bit hard to keep together after slicing and I wish I could find an image of what the original looked like (The recipe, from this gorgeous book did not include a picture). However, it was fun coming up with a presentation on my own. I imagine the name comes not from the cake itself, which is a pound cake, but from the components of fruit and whipped cream, the traditional accoutrement to classic shortcake. This dessert much like a star studded Hollywood film was quite epic.


  1. I had the very fortunate pleasure of being able to watch Nicole put the finishing touches on the cake AND we got to scarf it down onlyminutes later. Double happiness, all the way.

  2. I love banana anything.