Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I can't believe that I am the first one to post the spoils of the latest excuse for lots of desserts: Thanksgiving!!
I, the one who was plastered (literally) to my bed with a fever of 102.7, fighting off Bronchitis until as recently as this am! My my. Well before I pass out from the Day Quill vs. Azithromycin battle taking place inside me let me tell you about these three pies.

The first was the pie that would not stop nagging me to make it ever since I spied it in Saveur. I had posted the recipe below a couple weeks ago. As I was busy constructing that innocent looking beauty, I turned to Marty and said "How much Cardamom do I add"? to which he replied

"one tablespoon"

A few moments later when I went over to check something else I noted it called for a TEASPOON. Well, that is why he is the DJ and I'm the rapper. It still came out nicely. Not your usual Thanksgiving pie. Very bright and creamy with a loud cardamom kick.
Next was a simple and INTENSELY rich chocolate tart. It was a knockout and folks had little nibbles then went back to nibble more.
The last of our friends here is a Pumpkin Cayenne pie with a gingersnap crust garnished with spicy candied Pepitas. It made me woozy just looking at it! (HENCE THE BLURRY PHOTO) I was still looking for the spicy after I was done with my slice and it did linger for a moment but I had hoped it would have been stronger. I like my spices to bite me back. The health food store where I purchased the Cayenne, they were selling it cheap and for good reason, it's past it's prime I think. So there you have it.
Spicey (kinda)


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  1. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Pumpkin Cayenne Pie with a gingersnap crust!! YUM! I love deserts with capsaicin!