Tuesday, November 06, 2007


This past Sun night was Pate Sucree!! I had never made it before. WOW. What an easy dough to work with, I was stoked to have an option to Pate Brisee which, has been trickier in the past for me. We had options to choose between Pecan, Blueberry Cherry,or Walnut Chocolate and I went with Pecan because I do not really like Pecan Pie but I want to and the Chef recommended this one highly. If you can believe it- I HAVE NOT TRIED IT YET. It is in my fridge. It has more pecan and less goop than other pecan pie recipes I have seen and pecans are whole, not in pieces. I know i have to post some of these recipes but I keep leaving my book at class!! Anyway there it is. Next week = PATE A CHOUX!!!

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