Monday, October 08, 2007


This past weekend Molly and I went to Wilklow Orchards to pick apples! It was kind of hot on Saturday but we got sidetracked (Read: lost/confused) on the highway and ended up arriving as the sun was starting to it ended up being pleasantly warm. This place was GORGEOUS. Wilklow Orchard in New Paltz, NY. There we picked from over 11 different varieties of apples, drank cider, ate little pies, picked out gourds and pumpkins and broke a sweat carrying our bounty back.
We met Debbie who is in charge of making the cider donuts there at Wilklow, she let us photograph her and made sure to tell me that the batter is from scratch. Debbie was very proud of that and said a lot of places use a mix. It was a perfect afternoon jaunt and if you live here, then try to visit before the season ends Oct 31st!

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