Wednesday, July 11, 2007


As some of you may already know, our lovely Lemon Melang is getting hitched. For the engagement party, I wanted to make a light and sweet summer tart. Given my obsession with all things French, I decided to use a recipe from Clotilde's Chocolate and Zucchini Cookbook that I can't seem to let go of lately. I made the Peach, Nectarine, and Ginger Tart. As usual, I got a bit distracted and forgot to add the ginger to the Pate Sable as the recipe indicates. With fresh white peaches and nectarines from the farmer's market, and a sprinkling of candied ginger, it still turned out amazingly.

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  1. Oh, girl, that tart was so, so, so good and light and refreshing and I loved the flakes of candied ginger on top. Recipe pleez! xok