Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Hey, so I am going to share with you some recent casual dessert making, nothing fancy just a few grainy, blurry, and under lit pics of some recent kitchen shenanigans. This is a cornmeal crust raspberry rhubarb tart which was lightning quick to make and looked really nice. I would make everything in a springform pan if I could!

Next are sweet baby key lime pies, again really quick to make BUT the crust was an outrage. I swear I have not made a decent crust in a decade! I follow the directions yet they come out too chewy, underdone, gluey and never flaky!! Do I need to use lard? I do not want a piggy pie! Is anyone a crust master? Please help!

This is at the Big Apple BBQ, a few weekends ago! I restrained myself but Marty took part in the only vegetarian item we could find. Look at those pieces of PIE! It was really fun checking out the BBQ folk from all over. I got lots of pics - but that is for another blog.

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