Sunday, January 28, 2007

October and December DOTMCs

I made your stuff!

Well, actually, I made Nicole's pumpkin cheesecake for my family's Christmas dessert. I didn't have Christmas with them, so that was my "please don't be angry with me" offering. I guess it worked because everyone really liked it. They saved me a little and I had it the next day, and it was delicious. Here are a couple photos (I gave it to my mom when it came out of the oven so she could refrigerate it overnight, so it's still in the pan).

Agatha's Cranberry Pistachio Brownies were altered into Cranberry Walnut Brownies because I live in a town that doesn't seem to sell unsalted pistachios anywhere and also, I had some walnuts already. I did find fresh cranberries though, even though it seems like places assume that we don't want to cook with cranberries after the holidays and therefore these places were not offered any brownies.

I made these for a dinner party I had to go to and they went over amazingly well, really dense and rich. Everyone raved about them. Chocolate and cranberries are my new favorite thing.

I figured out that DOTMC is extremely useful when all of your friends are sort of needy and only invite you to their parties so you'll bring something to eat. Instead of being like "Ohhhh noooo, which of the thousand cookbooks and/or cooking magazines lying around should I look through to find an appropriate recipe"* you can just grab the postcard and it's done. Month appropriate and pre-tested.

Also, I just opened the jam, and it is so delicious that I have to save it for weekends to make it last longer.

*I also usually say "F you! I'm not your sugary buttery monkey! Go to a bakery and find some other patsy to make your sweets for you!" But by the end of that, I already have my apron on and they know I'm bluffing.


  1. sugary butter where can i get one of those?