Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Freakish Favorite of two-thousand sick

Below you will see pictures of the first thing I (and Agatha!) made together in 2006..Almost a year ago - My 31st birthday cake. It was a crepe cake (31 layers of crepes!!) and a very uhh ambitious cake to try and pull off for big party. We even got together the night previous to it's debut to practice our crepe skills. I wanted to show you all how both beautiful and marvelously clumsy it was. Even though it barely stayed together and was a semi-sucessful improvisation, (save for the gorgeous caramelized hazelnuts and draped sugar gracing it's top which as you can see are perfect, kisses to Agatha) it was so much fun to make and transport and share with all my friends. Tell me DOTMC'ers, what did you most enjoy creating this past year?

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  1. I remember it well... What are you going to do this year? It's coming up...