Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Yuck or Yum: Part 1

A small part of the research I'm doing for my art history thesis involves post-WW2 images of women in advertisements. Through this one website, called The Cultural Archive (scroll to the bottom of the page to see listings), I've found a bevvy of great food ads from the 1950's. It's safe to say a lot of these food images were created long before "food styling" was incorporated in contemporary adverts, as it is particularly striking how gross some of this stuff looks.

Anyways, I thought I'd start a series, called Yuck or Yum? Here are some examples for your consideration: is a Coronation Cake?? (click on each pic to blow up)


  1. Jello salad? Why, I just had some yesterday for lunch (just kidding). Is that lettuce floating inside? I'll have to give vegetables in Jello a "yuck," even though I am always facinated with what people do with Jello.

  2. GRODO BAGGINS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. there is CELERY in that jello, dude! BARF-O-RAMA!
    and are those lollipop heads on the coronation cake??

  4. Is that an American ad for the coronation cake? If so, why are we all fired up about KINGS AND QUEENS. The founding fathers are effing spinning around in their graves right now.

    Oh I guess Elizabeth II was crowned in the 50s.

    But anyway I think it all looks kinda neat.

  5. I had a neat comment all prepared about coronations but blogger screwed me over so I'm just going to say that this whole thing sort of made me want jello salad.