Monday, October 16, 2006


Hey all I have a few things to say this morning, well... 4 minutes into the afternoon now. First a confession. I have just consumed one banana and two pieces of Dove dark chocolate, nibble here, nibble there. I urge anyone who has such things at their disposal to try this- it totally changed my mood from Monday to MMMMmmmmonday-as goofy as that sounds. But you know what they say, 'in Goofy there is truth' okay next I made a super decadent instant dessert the other week which I saw last year in a Food and Wine issue focusing on chefs of Spain. SO EASY. SO SUBLIME. Sliced baguette, olive oiled. Slightly toast. Remove. Place a couple squares best dark chocolate on top, sprinkle with sea salt. More toasting..just a couple min- long enough for the choc to get shiny but not spread. I tell you this was incr-edible. I think I will make it a last minute dessert staple perfect for stumbling home after midnight or an easy option for a crowd at parties. Okay, so every Mon I troll the internet for food blogs and this am I found a woman right up our alley
Check it. Also as I have already sent everyone a postcard for our inaugural DOTMC month.I will now post it for all to see!!! Hazzah!

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